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Price Finder 2

A powerful betting tool designed and constructed by Steve Jones

*** Convert betting forecasts into ratings

*** Convert ratings into betting forecasts

*** Create your own betting forecasts

*** Compare ratings with market prices

*** Compare betting forecasts with market prices

*** Calculate the minimum price to take for your bet

*** Identify the best bets to make in any market



 About Price Finder 2

A new and improved version of Price Finder, the powerful betting tool designed and constructed by Steve Jones.


Since its launch in August 2009, the original Price Finder has proved very popular in highlighting the best bets to make in any market. Following further work on the project, Price Finder 2 has now been developed. The main improvements to be found in the new version are:


1. The conversion of betting forecasts into ratings has proved to be a popular use. Price Finder 2 has the capability to instantly convert a full betting forecast into ratings, without the need for individual price conversions via the Tool Box.

2. Not only that, but the new version includes an extra worksheet on which multiple betting forecasts for different events can be converted into ratings and analysed at the same time, without the need to delete data before re-use.

3. Also included in the new version is a second additional worksheet on which multiple events can be simultaneously worked upon using users' chosen ratings.


All you need, in order to locate the best bet to make in any race, sporting event or reality market is:

1. Any data that compares the contenders to your satisfaction (a trusted betting forecast, set of ratings or any other numerical data you choose).
2. Price Finder 2.
3. Market prices.

Within minutes you will be able to clearly see the best bet/s to make.

How Price Finder 2 works:

Price Finder 2 has an inbuilt set of formulae which compares the chances of each contender, based on the ratings or betting forecast prices you decide to feed it, against each contender's chance as reflected by a live market.


A popular choice is the use of betting forecast prices to reflect chance. Price Finder 2 will instantly convert a full betting forecast into a set of ratings. The betting forecast you use doesn't need to be rounded to 100%. The formulae built into Price Finder 2 will take care of everything for you.

Based on the betting forecast data it is fed, Price Finder 2 will instantly calculate, for each contender in any market:


1. True chance percentages for each contender.

2. Minimum prices to accept for each contender.

3. And most importantly: Value indicators for each contender. Any indicator over 100% suggests value, the highest figure being the best bet at the prices offered.

Your own ratings, should you choose to use them, don't need to add up to any particular number. They can be marks out of 10 (or any other number for that matter), they can be based on newspaper ratings, any other ratings, or they can be any figures or data you deem to be relevant in comparing contenders.

Price Finder 2 will highlight the best bets to make in any race, sporting event, reality event etc. You just need to provide it with appropriate 'true chance' data, which it compares with the market's reflection of chance. The more accurate your 'true chance' data, the more effective Price Finder 2 will be.

Added extras:

Included with the Price Finder as an added extra is a Tool Box of instant conversion tools, which will come in handy for everyday use.

Instantly convert:

1. Traditional prices to percentage chances
2. Decimal prices to percentage chances
3. Traditional prices to decimal prices
4. Decimal prices to traditional prices
5. Percentage chances to decimal prices
6. Percentage chances to traditional prices

All this comes in a single Microsoft Excel workbook and is available for a one-off price of 9.99.

Free email support is provided if required.


Order your copy here:


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Price Finder 2 will normally be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

It will automatically be sent to the email address you use for your purchase.

If you wish it to be delivered to a different email address please let me know.


Steve Jones

Professional Betting Advice and Strategy



I've started using the Price Finder tool in the last two weeks and what a revelation. Already it has found me Go Go Green, 25/1>9/1, but the big discovery is I no longer get angry if my selection does not win! I understand now that each horse has a percentage chance of winning and the Price Finder tool helps me to uncover the ones that provide the best value. I input my mark out of ten for each horse based on the form etc. without comparing it to any other in the race and the Price Finder tool automatically calculates my own prices based on my ratings. I fine tune my ratings and then input the prices available from the bookmakers. The Price Finder tool shows me the value of each horse by comparing my odds against the bookmakers odds and I go for the one offering the best value. Brilliant Steve, thanks!

Tony Hackett.


Price Finder 2 was used live during Cheltenham 2011 with the bets posted on site each day. The criteria used to represent true chance was the Racing Post betting forecast. An opening bank of 30 points grew to a closing bank of 48 points. Level stakes were 1 point to win on each bet. Return on investment was 60%.



2000 - 2023 Professional Betting Advice and Strategy from cdsystems






by Steve Jones





Awarded by

Smart Betting Club



2021 Bronze Award



2013 Silver Award



2013 Bronze Award

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members of

Smart Betting Club

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Mon 13 Nov


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Sun 12 Nov

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Won 8/1 to 9/2

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Legenday Day

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+ Haworth Star

2nd(shd) 6/1 to 4/1

Exacta: 37.20